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Our Promises

Pyxis is different. We built it to maximize the reward to the community. With a 100% buyback and penalty mechanism, this ensures that Pyxis token value will increase over time.



All the transactions are on the blockchain. Anyone can inspect it.



We chose to use non-upgradable contracts. This is to gain trust and give confidence to the community.



We promise that "Pyxis token will never be used to pay for development or marketing, so no one can ever dump the price."



Pyxis is built for community. No team token. No insiders. Everyone is equal.

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100% Buy Back

100% of BNB staked will be used to buyback the Pyxis token. We are the first-ever project that can do this.

high interest

High Interest

Mechanisms in smart contracts to increase the staking reward and give it directly to the stakers.


This is just the beginning of Pyxis network. The ecosystem of Pyxis network will be evolved. We are a team of passionate developers who aim to raise the standard of DEFI.

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PYX Staking

Staking is the way to earn the most out of Pyxis network. The tokens will be locked for the chosen time. And at the end, you will get all the tokens + high reward back.

bnb staking

BNB Staking

BNB will be converted to PYX using the price from Pancakeswap and staked. The 100% buyback also will happen during this process.

tokens buyback

Low Gas Fees

We chose BSC network because of the lower gas fees, we want everyone to be able to earn from this project, not just for the rich people.

high reward

3% Sell Transaction Fees

3% of the sell transactions will be given to the people who staked. There is no fee for the buy transactions!

Read white paper for full details

Audit Reports

Callisto Network and fully audit our smart contracts. And there is 0 high severity from both of them. Callisto Network also verifies that the code is safe to deploy.

callisto network - audit reportmythx io - audit report

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